Laurie Steele stats 36D – 28 – 36 Bicep – 15.5 Best Body part – back. Trains 5 days week plus 30 minutes cardio. Born San Jose, CA 1970 36D

I’m happy to post Melissa today. She is my favorite female bodybuilder. I know she probably has used some drugs to get this big but I just find her gorgious. I love her muscles and cute blonde features. I love her DDD triple D boobs. I love her golden tan. I love her training style. “I train as heavy as I can, and still get 6-8 reps” I’m gonna have to start following that philosiphy. There is some great workout videos at She Muscle Gym. Watch Melissa pump up her muscles like the blonde female bodybodybuilder.

One of my favorite amazon women. This sexy FBB is pure alpha. Look at this picture she knows how to entice a guy. You can see the entire set inside She Muscle Gym. I heard that she was a real debutant but rebelled and grew a love of muscles and just spend her days in the gym packing on pounds of muscle just to prove that she could. Then she decided she wanted to be more of a fitness model type and transformed her body again to be more lean and athletic. There are few females in this age range who can put on this amount of muscle.

This girl is built she might have big boobs but the rest of her is vascular and muscular.  Her boobs are obviously fake so that is why they are not as muscular as the rest of her.  her arms are very vascular and her abs have a six pack.  even her belly bottom is flat.  Her nice thick thighs have tone but are not as lean as the rest of her.  Which is typical for females.  They tend to store fat on their lower body parts compared to men who store fat on their belly.  And when we use the word fat we just mean she isn’t as lean in those areas.  Still a guess is that she is well below 10 percent body fat.

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